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Moose Hide Campaign Day 2021

We are so grateful to all those who joined us for Moose Hide Campaign Day 2021!

We can’t believe so many of you – 80,000 people – tuned in for the livestreams, fasted for the day or joined one of our many workshops. What a powerful moment.

Whilst the day is over, you can still watch the livestreams or recordings of our many workshops. The youth workshops for K-12 teachers are also still available in the Youth Lodge.  Head over to the event website for links to the daybreak ceremony, plenary and fast-breaking ceremony and many of the workshops.  Click here

We can’t wait to see you next year! And in the meantime, keep wearing and sharing the moose hide pin and message.


  • Social Media Playbook

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  • Fasting Guide

    We have put together a simple guide to explain the significance of the fast for the Moose Hide Campaign, offer some guidance in setting your intention, and to highlight some tips to ensure your safety. Read More
  • FAQ

    FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) - Find some answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Read More
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    A complete guide to organizing successful Moose Hide Campaign events. Read More
  • Hosting a Moose Hide Campaign Kiosk

    This ‘how-to’ guide provides practical information on how to run a Moose Hide Campaign kiosk. Read More
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