Young men at fast-breaking ceremony

Violence against women and children is a painful and unacceptable reality in Canadian society and it must stop. For Indigenous women, this reality even more acute with over 1200 Indigenous women having been murdered or gone missing. Too many of our wives, daughters, sisters, aunties, mothers, and grandmothers are not safe in their own home or in their community. Too many have been murdered or are missing. Too many have been sexually assaulted or beaten. It is time for us to change this.

We have a vision of a million men fasting together in solidarity and ceremony to show our collective commitment as men to ending all forms of violence against woman and children in Canada.

Your donation will help us:

  • To raise awareness about the issue of violence towards women and children.
  • To mobilize men to take action to end violence towards women and children.
  • To create the opportunity for 1 Million men to participate in a one-day Fast ceremony (no food or water) to strengthen our effort.

Moose Hide Campaign card and pin

The Moose Hide Campaign patches and cards are assembled by a team of Indigenous women on Vancouver Island. Each card is created with the heart-felt wish for a future where men and boys honour, protect and care for the woman and girls in their lives.

Your donation will go towards the production of Moose Hide cards and pins to spread awareness of the campaign.  The moose hides are purchased from moose traditionally harvested for food, or from moose killed accidentally on highways and roads.

By donating to help the production of Moose Hide cards, you are helping to spread awareness of domestic and gender based violence in Canada. Since 2011 we've distributed over one million cards!  Help us reach our next goal of 10,000,000 cards.

Ten men portrati

Breaking the cycle of violence starts with our youth.  Help our future generations of men learn to honour, love and respect the women and girls in their lives. 

Ten Men Challenge

The Ten Men Challenge is an project designed to engage young men and encourage them to pledge to stand up against violence towards women and children. It is a practical example of Reconciliation in Action and will promote and facilitate the growth of the Moose Hide Campaign in secondary schools across the country.

With your help secondary schools across Canada will be able to use the promotional video and tool-kit developed during the April 2017 pilot project to help start their own Ten-Men Challenge projects.

Safe Space, Safe Place Initiative

The goal of the Safe Space, Safe Place Initiative is to end all forms of violence towards women on University campuses by creating safe spaces and safe places; and by fostering reconciliation through dialogue, healing, and mutual understanding. 

Your donation will support and help bring these two important initiatives to Secondary and Post-Secondary institutions across Canada.