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Moose Hide Campaign Pins and Cards

At the core of the Moose Hide Campaign is the awareness and outreach campaign of wearing of the Moose hide Pin.  In keeping with our core values, the Moose hide pins are distributed at no cost.  We do not accept payment for the pins except the 'pledge to activate on the issue of ending violence against women and children'. 

To order the Moose Hide Campaign pin and card, click on the 'Moose hide logo' on the right.   



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Indigenous women are three times more likely to experience domestic violence than non-Indigenous women, and three times more likely than non-Indigenous women to be killed by someone they know.  Too many of our wives, daughters, sisters, aunties, mothers, grandmothers are not safe in their own home.  Too many have been murdered or are missing.  It is time for us to change this.

This cycle of violence came from residential schools, racism against our Peoples, and colonization.  It was never in our culture to do violence to the women and children in our families and communities, it was always our responsibility to protect them.

Many efforts, projects, and strategies are now under-way throughout the country to change this reality, but we can and need to do more.  Silence is not good enough, and simply being a non-abuser is not good enough.  We must speak up and take action, and we need to support each other as Indigenous and non-Indigenous men and boys.

Clear Skies - Legal Aid BC

A family violence story

Marnie and her kids live with family violence.  But with the suppor tof her community, and by learning about her legal options, Marnie is able to leave an abusive relationship.  Clear Skies is Marnie's story.  

Clear Skies - Legal Aid BC

Clear Skies - Legal Aid BC
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